Approved Program Activities

Adventures in the Forest
Approved Program Activities

Nature Craft - with materials found at the program location or brought in by mentor or children.

Sun tea - Pick up eatable plants and make tea with the kids.

Fairy house. Only with materials found in local

Fort building. Bring materials and prepare mentors to guide kids in fort building. Watch videos.


Nature crowns (braid the palm leaves, if they are old enough, teach them how to do that, then make the circle shape according to the head size).

Frutifriday! Ask to the families to send a fruit of their chose. Provide cutting boards and plastic knife to each child. With clean hand peel out, cut and gather in a bowl the cut fruits, share and enjoy)

Make a natural paint with wild berries (put over a thick leaf some berries and mash them with a rock, you may add some water drops).

Make a natural paint with stone powder and water (to make the powder, crash a stone with a rock, then put over a big dry leaf or thick leaf and add a couple of water drops)

Make a bracelet ( make a bracelet with masking tape on the child arm and ask them to decorate with nature objects form the ground)

Program's Routines 


in the Forest

  • Greeting

  • Child led activity

  • Storytelling

  • Fruit salad / Salads

  • Nature Art

  • Nature Walk

  • Songs

  • Closing