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General Information about the Program

  • Families meet twice a week and they are part of the same community during the playschool year.

  • Families with children under 18 months are advised to join the communities at North Miami since the facilities are more appropriate in case of heavy rain and for diapering but final decision is made by the family.

  • Our Indoor Classroom at North Miami is available to families between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

  • The program has a total of 39 weeks to be held between Mid August  and to May uninterrupted (Except for Winter Break). Our program is NOT governed by the Miami Dade Public School calendar, which is why we do not schedule spring break in our calendar.

  • Exceptions on the commitment will apply for families who are visiting Miami, they can sign per a minimum of 8 classes.

  • The maximum capacity of each community is 12 families plus the Facilitator’s family. Each community welcomes also one family that needs to recover a missed session plus two families with babies.

Holidays and Breaks

  • If the community meets on a day that is established as a holiday, they have the possibility of advancing the class with another community prior reservation. At Miami Nature Playschool we observe the following holidays:    Labor Day - Thanksgiving (Thursdays and Friday) & Memorial Day

  • Winter Break in all locations starts on Friday before the holiday and ends on Sunday after New Years Eve.​

  • Summer Break in all locations starts on the last Friday of the month of May and ends the second Sunday of the month of August. ​

  • Summer Camp is offered during the month of June and August. Miami Nature Playschool is closed during the month of July. these weeks are optional and open to the public, and doesn't qualify for class recovery or scholarship of any type. Families can register for a minimum of 2 weeks or more based on their travel plans.


  • During Spring and Summer Camps, the discount rate for siblings is 15%

Field Trips and Special Events

  • Part of Miami Nature Playschool are the bi-monthly field-trips that support the program and offers children hands-on experiences and interactions with animals and/or diverse environments rich in new information for their development.

  • Participation in these field-trips is optional.

  • The field trips may incur an extra fee like entry fees or other related that are not included on the tuition.

  • Families are invited to participate at the field-trips, the participation is voluntary, if we don’t meet the minimum number of participants, the activity / event could be cancelled and/or could be opened to families outside the program to keep the special rates.

  • Families attending the field-trip missing a class has the option to schedule a make-up with other community or location at any time previous reservation at our website.