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Training Period

After the new staff went through the interviews and background checks, unless the person has a similar experience at other outdoor program will thru a Training Period of One (1) Month to visit all the locations and be taught for a week for each Team Leader about the locations and basics in the program. 

This period is not paid, the trainee receive $150 to cover gas expenses.

Trial Period

Comprehend the first three months (12 wekks) after the new staff completed the Training Period and the program Director, The Program Coordinator and Team Leaders agree the person would be a good addition to the team.

The Trial Period rate per hour is $10-$12 based in experience.

After the trial period one of this outcomes can surge:

A) If the Team Leader and Program Coordinator agrees we will increment the Hourly Rate per hour and the new staff will sign a 10 months contract (based on the months left until ending the PLAYschool year).

B) The team can decide than the person has potential but is still needs to work in some skills, reason we will offer to continue per other three months as a Trial Period, with the same rate per hour. 

C) The Team Leader together with the Program Coordinator and Program Director will decide the person is a good fit for the program or if the contract will be terminated due to the lack of skills required for the position.


Independent Contractor or 1099 Agreement (PLAYSCHOOL)

  • Wages are paid monthly based in the number of hours worked.

  • The block of payment schedule is send in advance.

  • The Independent contractor needs to complete a W9 Form before to start working.

  • The payment is made in base the work realized, Non- working hours / days / permits / absences are no paid. 

  • The Independent contractor decide over his/her working hours but a minimum of 24hrs as notice is required if decide to do not work the assigned hours.

  • The contract is renewable each year.

  • A non competence and disclosure agreement needs to be signed.

Independent Contractor Miminum Requirements

  • A Pediatric CPR valid Certification (a copy must be delivered)

  • Level 1 - Online Nature Based Educator Certificate

  • A recent Fingerprint Background Check (no more than three months old)

  • Availability to work between 20 to 25 hours weekly

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate assigned is based on the hour paid in similar job in Miami, but is also stablished based in the minimal requirements of the program and/or if the staff will bring it child to the program or not. Despite of being a small organization with an elevate of operative expenses we try for our hour rate to be competitive in comparison with similar jobs in the market of Miami.

The Market in Miami 

by July 27th, 2021



State Average per Hour

Miami Average per Hour


State Average per Hour based in Experience 


National Average per Hour

MNP Chart 

by August, 2021

MNP Chart.jpg

Cost for the Organization per Child in the Program:

Adventures in the Forest:

First Child with a parent: $9,260            Sibling with a parent: $8,360           Child of a playworker: $4,630 / $6,500

PLAYworker's children in the Program:

# Children with a parent:                     3         equal    $27,780
# Children of PLAYworkers MNP:     3+2    equal    $29,600    (Blended & Adventures)

                              Total amount subsidized: $57,380

MNP Scholarships / Discounts:

Imagina:                                       9 children   $10,200

Adventures in the Forest:           5 children   $24,027

                              Total amount subsidized: $34,227



Subsidized & Scholarships


Miami Nature School:First Child: $13,000                                   Sibling: $12,350                                  Child of a playworker: $4,550

# Children of PLAYworkers MNS Subsidy :     5 children   equal    $42,090

Budget MNP


Proyected 2021 - 2022:                 $420,000



Wages Adventures                        $196,526  (46.5%)

Wages Imagina                              $  46,398  (11.0%)

Coordinators & Administrative     $  64,500  (15.3%)

                                                         $307,424  (72.8%)


Administration & Operation

Administrative expenses                $ 34,595   (  8.2%)

Rent                                                  $ 52,180   (12.5%)

Training                                            $ 13,200

Other Expenses                               $   4,800

                                                          $104,775  (27.2%)

                          Total Expenses:   $412,199

                   Profit before Taxes:    $   7,801

Budget MNS


Proyected 2021 - 2022:                 $230,623



Salaries                                            $131,000  

Childcare Benefits                          $  24,000  



Administration & Operation

Administrative expenses                $ 17,688   

Rent                                                 $115,800

Franchise                                         $  14,550

Training                                            $    5,200

Consultant                                       $  14,000

Accountant, Insurance, Utilities     $    6,500

Other Expenses                              $     4,800


                          Total Expenses:   $350,908

                Total Proyected Loss:   $120,908        equal to 7 children

Non Working Days

Legal Hollidays

                         - Labor day - Sept 6th 

                         - Veterans day - Nov. 11th

                         - Thanksgiving - Nov. 25th & 26th

                         - MLK - Jan. 17th

                         - President day - Feb. 21st

                         - Memorial day - May 31st

  • Winter break (work is optional)  - Dec 20th - 31st 2021

  • Spring break (work is optional) - March 21st - 25th 2022

  • Summer break (work is optional & will only be open as per the amount of mentor that would like to work at the time)  3 weeks in June (6th to 24th) and 3 weeks in July (4th to 22nd).

  • First day of PLAYschool August 16th, 2021

  • Last day of PLAYschool June 3rd, 2022

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