Adapting to the New Normal...

Good morning dear families, on behalf of the entire team of facilitators and mentors of MNP we hope you are in good health in the company of your family.

We believe that, like our families, you are also feeling the need to have contact with nature and to be able to socialize with others even if it is at a distance, which is why after having a series of meetings and evaluating the current situation, we want to share with you the next steps that we will be taking in relation to the process of returning to classes.


1. In the middle of last March, after deliberating on the current situation and listening to the recommendations of CDC, we decided to abide by the order of immobility for the benefit of the families and the MNP team. cancelling all our programs until further notice.

2. Now, the MNP team is preparing to partially return to the program in June.


3. Miami Dade County Parks Managers are preparing (based on the original plan) to re-open parks to public tomorrow Wednesday 29th, (if no counter order is given today), however the City of North Miami (aka Enchanted Forest Park) has decided to maintain its public spaces closed until mid-June, so until that date we will not be able to return to our routine in this location.

4. We have scheduled meetings with the representatives of Earth N Us, Enchanted Forest and Pelican Island to confirm and formally stipulate the reactivation dates of our activities in the three spaces next week. (Pelican Island was originally planned to kick off in April for Forest Kindergarten.) Due to the uncertainty that exists, we wanted to wait to schedule the meetings with the respective authorities after the expiration date of the 30 days of stay in the home.

5. As a result of the new rules of coexistence that must be maintained in the coming months, in addition to the new temporary regulation by the state of emergency for organizations that provide services to families and children, we are preparing a new manual for parents about the changes in the format of the programs in addition to the new rules of coexistence to be followed by all the participating families in order to adapt the program to the existing rules of social gatherings in public spaces.

6. In order to proceed with the adaptation of the program, which will take place in several stages with 15 days of difference each of them and having June 1st like a tentative date for the first one. On FRIDAY MAY 1, all families at the program will be receiving a SURVEY via email, it is extremely important for an adequate planning of each of these stages that ALL THE FAMILIES respond it before Monday May 4th in order to have accurate information, in the survey we will include communication space to all, including those who for personal reasons do not plan to return until the next semester.

7. Changes in the monthly payment and hours will be reflected based on the results of the survey. They will be announced at the end of next week, once we have collected and processed the information.

8. It has been decided that this year we will keep the program open over the whole summer, which is why we will offer classes during the month of June, July and until mid-August inclusive.

9. After having the results of the surveys, we will be communicating with the families who paid the semester in advance to coordinate and prepare their class calendar based on their summer plans.

10. The new annual cycle 2020-2021 per 40 or 38 weeks will be starting between Monday, August 17 and 31 (The date of incorporation will be based on the needs of the family and their summer plans). The reservation and registration process for the upcoming year will be starting on May 15, the details will be sent during the next week in order to be able to answer any question that may arise.

We thank in advance the families' desire to continue communicating despite the distance, those who organized visits to the homes of the mentors and facilitators to greet us from the car and tell us that they miss us, and especially for those families who despite of the situation, they wrote to tell us that they were going to send part of the monthly payment to be able to support us, that money has been loaned to the instructors who are the heads of the family, and to whom the work of their husbands has been affected during these difficult times.

Wishing you well and looking forward to seeing you soon in nature!

Miami Nature Playschool Team

Patricia - Anama - Gloria - Katja - Ursula - Anita - Dania - Gaby y Cris.