Enrollment Process

Miami Nature Playschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin or ethnic origin. The available spaces are offered first to the families participating in the program. The new applicant  families are selected based on the available spaces.


Ours is a Child-Led , Play and Nature-Based program that cultivates and encourages the child's independence through exploration in nature, helping him children to acquire in an organic way the social and emotional skills necessary for a balanced life.


Families participating with their children gather to acquire the skills and tools that will support them in the development of their interpersonal skills necessary for a life of lasting relationship and quality in the various areas of life.

During each session of IMAGINA, parents will put into practice various parenting skills through active participation in the child's character formation process, receiving advice and support from their community and facilitator.

To proceed to register in our program the following steps must be followed:

Step 1

Read the ABOUT IMAGINA at the website and schedule via text to 786.499.2939 a phone call or attend an Intro Meeting. During the call, make sure you have a minimum of 30 minutes to talk about the program with our representative.

Step 2 

Participate in a trial class with your child

The visit in the classroom is important as it will help determine if the program meets the needs of the family as well as verify that the applicant family is aligned with the values ​​and requirements necessary to belong to the community. The trial class has a fee of $30 for IMAGINA, amount that will be deducted from the first monthly payment if the family decides to join the program.

Step 3

Read the Parent Handbook and solve doubts.

After your visit or a phone conversation, you will be receiving in your inbox the Parent Handbook, details about how we apply the Conscious Discipline philosophy during the program, the investment for each program and options we offer in addition to a document including the payment schedule proposed by us, and that could be accommodated according to the needs of the family finances.

Step 4

Complete the Registration Form and send the Registration Fee to reserve the spot.

Families interested in being added to the Waiting List must complete the Registration Form and make a $100 payment. Filling the application does not ensure the space in the desired community. Spaces will be offered in strict order and for the community available to the first family on the list. The amount paid covers the administrative cost of processing the application and is not affected by refund.

Families on the waiting list are responsible for completing all the necessary steps for the Registry to be able to join a community.

Step 5

Participation of the family to the Meet & Greet

During this meeting all the families will be introduce and we will talk about the Methodology and will review the norms and rules within the program. 


At Miami Nature Playschool we understand that emergencies, change of jobs, new opportunities in life can arise and you will need to withdraw from the program; under this situation it is necessary to send a Withdrawal Letter to our office or Contact@MiamiNaturePlayschool.Com at least 45 days before your last day of attendance.


Based on the situation you will be being contacted and your case will be reviewed, after a negotiation a notice will be sent with the final decision about the amount owed. Despite the results of the negotiation, a minimum amount of one regular month tuition ($280) will be charged to cover the expenses to fill the vacancy.

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