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Due to current circumstances, First Wonders has been suspended until further notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance. 

If your baby is turning one year during the upcoming months please complete the form below to be informed about the Parent and Child Institute for January 2021.

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First Wonders is a space created for families with babies under one year old to learn about the various benefits for babies to grow in direct contact with nature, for this we welcome them to the various communities of the Parent and Child Institute: IMAGINA.

The goal of this program is to build communities where families with newborns can learn from more experienced parents about what to expect in the development of their babies during the first year of life and discuss the various sensory, physical, psychological benefits and their importance as a foundation for later cognitive learning.

Families participating in this program will be able to attend any of our communities in both locations in a flexible manner and based on the routine of the baby.


$225 Quartely or $100 Monthly

The fund created by First Wonders membership helps to cover program expenses in addition to increasing the scholarship fund for the Parent and Child Institute: IMAGINA.

The funds raised in addition to the scholarship allocation are managed

through The Childhood Nature Project, a 501 C3 Non For Profit.


Families members of First Wonders, have access to the following services:

Weekly flexible participation at IMAGINA. Free Monthly Conscious Parenting Support Group.

Free Monthly First Wonders gatherings.


Access to the Conscious Parenting Boot Camp at discounted price.


Access to our Online meetings about Parenting & Leadership. 


Access to our Montessori Curriculum for Babies thru Preschoolers by request.

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