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Forest Kindergarten
Holistic Benefits

Self-Directed Education sound so ethereal for many of us. We have been dragged in a world where we don't have many opportunities to doing things in the way "we feel it's the best for us" and not by the way that "it is expect to be done", because for centuries it has been like that, and apparently works well. 

In a world where teacher-directed learning it is the most chosen path worldwide in education at all levels, even for the professionals and educators that feels the mold needs to be broken and new paths created, stepping back and assuming the role of "observers" it is difficult; as a result of our lives as a students where we were required to follow the teacher.


You feel (we feel!) in your gut, that following the Biological Foundations of the brain is the right thing to do but, "Learning to Unlearn" it is difficult and required a strong will and belief from our part to do not sucumb under the pressure of peers scrutinizing the teachings we are not offering, the curriculum we don't need and the waste of time not transforming each minute / event of the day into a learning opportunity. 


-But I am sure, my daughter can go to Harvard, too. If she wants!-

Nature equips us at conception with the powerful innate drive to educate OURSELVES, it is encoded in our DNA. Let's give it a try and welcome into our family life the opportunity for our child to organically (after boredom) to ignite his Curiosity, PLAYfulness, Sociability and PLANfulness, the four forces that are being suppressed in the convenience of scholarly. These forces have survived natural selection and evolution, it needs to be a very important reason, right? With time, in the long run, you will become a witness of how the benefits of allowing your children to be in charge of their education will surpass your own expectations. 


Patricia Leon

Founder and Director of Miami Nature PLAYschool. Forest School Teacher Leader in UK (In process) by The Forest School Association. Certified Forest Kindergarten Mentor by Cedarson Nature School. Certified Nature-Based Educator by Erafans. International speaker at diverse Certifications and Conferences related with Outdoor Edication.  Montessori Instructor Newborn to 6 years. Former Leadership Instructor at UPC Post-graduate Business School. Former Independent Consultant at Cornell IRL. 

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