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Nature Teacher Certification

Updated: May 13, 2020

August 2019, Chapel Hill, NC Attended by: Forest Kindergarten Mentors

In August, MNP Forest Kindergarten Mentors continued their professional development and deepened their commitment to nature-based learning by attending a five-day intensive Nature-Based Teacher Certification offered by ERAFANS in Chapel Hill, NC. 

We came together with over 30 nature-based educators from all over the eastern U. S.—sharing best practices, questions, songs, challenges—while being mentored by experienced and committed presenters including Monica Wiedel-Lubinski, Lynn Trotta and Julie Biedrzycki.

We gathered daily at the Wildflower Learning Community and at the North Carolina Botanical Garden where we learned through play in the magical forests, gathering knowledge to share with our MNP families. 

We returned with treasures and tools to support our vision of emergent curriculum and fostering deep connection to nature.  These include Core Routines of Nature Connection, Directional Teachings and engaging mindfulness activities for children.

MNP Team at the NH Botanical Garden

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