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Duties & Responsibilities 

with our partners

Our Partners:

  • Oleta State Park

  • Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park

  • Earth N‘ Us Farm

  • Pelican Island

  • Amelia Earthart

  • Arch Creek

  • Arch Creek Preserve


According to the Parks and Recreation Regimentation, when visit a public space:

1.  Do “Leave No Trace”
2.  Keep your food to yourself, animals do not need human food.
3.  Keep a safe distance from all animals
4.  Stay ON the trails
5.  Leave all spaces as they were found
6. Smoking is prohibit
7. Get all gears necessary for hiking
8.  Screaming to show your joy may scare your surroundings, let’s  keep it on a reasonable volume. your neighbors may think you are in danger and animal may think you are a threat.
9.  Drones are not birds, let's keep them on the ground!

10. Park on designated areas

11. Do have fun!!!

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