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in the Forest

A program based in the German FOREST KINDERGARTEN

At the MNP Adventures in the Forest, the adult supervision is meant to assist rather than lead. This educational approach allows children to be able to learn by playing without hurry or adults telling them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it or if is well done (based on their own expectations).

Outdoor Classroom | Unstructured Play | Nature Based Day Camp​


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The Forest Kindergarten Approach (or Waldkindergarten: Garden of Children) is an educational model born as result of the revolutionary vision of Friedrich Frobel more than 180 years ago in Germany. This Early Childhood Education approach is held almost exclusively outdoors; whatever the weather, children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in a forest environment, even Infants are set outside during the winter for daily naps and play. The model is also known as Outdoor Nursery or Nature Walkindergarten.

This mentoring model recognizes and respects the ability of human beings to learn through play for themselves.

Our Commitment

At MNP Adventures in the Forest, we maintain the original essence of the Forest Kindergarten approach where the role of the Mentors is to accompany, observe and document the children's activities from behind the scenes asking open-ended questions about the important discoveries of the day, thus allowing children to share a deep connection with nature and their peers by owning their space and experiences.

In this program there is no agenda or lessons, the emerging curriculum is created based on the decisions of the children during the program.



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