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MNP Parent and Child Institute is a space for practicing conscious parenting and to reconnect with nature. We seek to create micro-communities by offering a space primarily for parents who work at home and who are dedicated to raising their children full-time.

Community | Free Play | Nature Based Mommy & Me​#MiamiGoOutside

Interested in joining for the PLAYschool Year? 

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Families that becomes part of the Parent and Child Institute share several or all of these statements:

1. Understand that based on the research carried out during the past 30 years, for a child under 6 years of age, adequate support in their social and emotional development is crucial for their academic and professional development in their future life.

2. Based on the recommendation of Occupational Therapists, children under 3 years of age requires daily a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hours of unstructured active play outdoors to grow a healthy mind.

3. Understands that during early childhood, cognitive knowledge is acquired organically through children's play.

4. That all children are unique and therefore not all are ready to learn the same topics at the same time, which is why adults must support their own learning process based on the needs dictated by their own brain requirements and curiosity.

5. That for the upbringing in its fullness it requires more than one person, but a group of people who share interests and beliefs to provide a support and exploration space for infants. In a nutshell, a Village is required to raise a child.

6. That our society lives in a deep divorce of nature, that children nowadays learn about animals through the internet and not from their own experience.

7. That the best education occurs more when the need to impart knowledge is ignored and instead the adult embarks on a journey of discovery and exploration in the company of the child.

8. That young children especially under 3 years of age but up to 6 years old acquire the guidelines about values, attitudes, priorities and other personal and interpersonal skills by seeing and adjusting what would be "normal" for their environment based on what is modeled by the adults in charge of raising them.



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