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Skills to be considered
Mentors & Facilitators

Qualification levels    1     2    3     4    5


To evaluate this module, consider the frequency:

1 corresponds to never

2 corresponds to rarely

3 corresponds sometimes

4 corresponds to almost always

5 corresponds to always


Mark with “X” the level of compliance in which the collaborator is.



  1. Prepares the materials to take to the workspace

  2. Receive and deliver children at the beginning and end of the workday

  3. Minimally assists children in feeding and hygiene activities

  4. Follow the stipulated procedures for the containment (delimitation of the play space), safety, and care of children.

  5. Implements conscious discipline exercises when necessary to redirect children behavior

  6. Ensure compliance with the rules of coexistence of the community and the program

  7. Do not discuss program topics with parents outside of established hours or when not on a mentor role.

  8. Relates with children respecting the principles of the educational approach of the program and the organization

  9. Coordinates the activities and actions of the day with their peers and boss

  10. When needed, redirects assertively their peers and leaders.

  11. Participates in the management organized activities to reinforce or acquire new knowledge required for their role (training).

  12. Observes and monitors the process of each child in their care. 

  13. Talks to his team and communicates to the leader when a child shows actions outside his developmental stage or constantly acts, putting his peers at risk. 

  14. Offers space for feedback and reflection for the child to build their own learning.


  1. Confront and accept changes in a positive and constructive way

  2. Cares about learning methodologies and tools aligned with the institution's training approach

  3. Identify growth needs in their own performance

  4. Shows willingness to acquire new skills and knowledge

  5. Analyzes and learns from own mistakes


Is careful and observant of children and their environment

Look for alternatives that align with children's activities

Solve difficulties that arise in day to day

Anticipates avoiding problematic situations. 

Performs tasks promptly and efficiently.


Describe in terms of an action plan each aspect to improve. (Team Leader)

ACTION   (What & How)                                              IMPROVEMENT AREA      (Skill)





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