Facilitators at the Parent and Child Institute, supports the community of Parents and Caregivers to set and understand their common objectives in parenting.


The role of a Facilitator is to assist parents in planning how to achieve these objectives while understanding and validating the real needs and rights of the young children under their guidance.

In doing so, the Facilitator remains "neutral" meaning they does not take a particular position in the topic but advise in an objective way for the adults to made their own decisions.




Parent & Child Institute

•Get on time at the location, check spaces, clear hazards, change route if necessary

•Check the supplies to take to the workspace.

•Welcome families at beginning and end of session.

•Follow the stipulated procedures for the supervision and care of families.

•Use of conscious discipline methods to interfere and redirect Parent /child  interaction if necessary.

•Ensure compliance with the rules.

•Relates with families respecting the principles of the educational approach of the program and organization.

•Coordinate and/or execute the activities and actions of the day/week with their teammates and leader.

•Participate in trainings and activities organize by the organization to reinforce or acquire new knowledge, required for the job position.

•Observe and follow up the development process of each family in your care.

•Offer space for feedback and reflection so the families can build their own knowledge, and learning path.

•Evaluate teammates and leader.

•Always communicate issue between children, families and teammates to the leader of the team.

Program Coordinator


Parent & Child Institute

•All the duties mentioned above plus...

•Introduction messages in WhatsApp group (New Parents).

•Schedule and direct the Meet & Greet at the beginning of the PLAYschool year.

•Responsible for making sure the required materials have been purchased and delivered to each facilitator.

Responsible to confirm all the communications has been sent to the respective communities at the beginning of the year.

•Attend a monthly meeting with other coordinators and Program Director.

•Organize a bi-monthly meeting with the team to check details and news.

•Organize and divide duties and responsibilities among the team.

•Follow up on every Facilitator duties and responsibilities compliances.

•Responsible for communicating to organization and register on incident form (*1)any incident with families or teammates that will reflect negatively on the organization.

•Responsible for all communication between families and organization.

•Coordinate special activities for program with Facilitators on the team.

•Report to administration with feedback about team and program .

•Responsible to keep a positive working environment for the team and to answer and/or deliver all the possible team concerns than could arise.

•Do its best to be an impartial and objective to become a good mediator between the team and the direction.