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Parent & Child Institute
vs. Mommy & Me

What makes IMAGINA - Parent & Child different from a Mommy & Me? 

IMAGINA, Parent and Child Institute is a space for practicing conscious parenting and to reconnect  with nature.


At Imagina, we seek to create micro communities by offering a space , in the first instance,  for those parents who work at home and-or are dedicated to raising their children full time. Also parents that work full time but want their kids enjoying a childhood in the nature with a caregiver.

Benefits that we have being witnessed are result of our beliefs that among many others are: 

- Adequate support in the child social and emotional development is crucial for their academic and professional development in their future life.
- Recommended by Occupational Therapists, children under 3 years of age requires a minimum of 4 hours of unstructured active play outdoors to grown in a healthy way.
- Cognitive knowledge occurs organically through children's play.
- To support their own learning process based on the needs dictated by their own brain requirements and curiosity.
- To build a Community where people share  interests and beliefs to provide a support and exploration space for infants.
- Conexion with nature is indispensable to raise children who understand and are attached to the land they were born and/or raised.
- Find a reunion with parenthood style  full of consciousness, connection with their child and respect to the individuality.
- The best education occurs when the adult and child together embark on a journey of discovery and exploration.
- Children acquire the guidelines about values, attitudes, priorities and other personal and interpersonal skills by seeing adults in charge of raising them.

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